Need an Air end for your compressor fast. Airex can help.We have air ends for many popular models on the shelf ready to go today. These air ends have been meticulously rebuilt, with the right tools and the right amount of experience with the right parts. Airex has been rebuilding air ends for 22 years.

We rebuild the air ends from the ground up. New bearings, checking journal tolerances on shafts, which are rebuilt and re-machined where required, refitting bores and replacing seals. All the parts are replaced with components of equivalent, or better quality to the OEM manufacturer. When we are done it’s done right and we guarantee it.

When we rebuild an air end we rebuild it as if it were our own.

Our exchanged air ends are reasonably priced as well because we let you trade in your re-buildable core as long as it still rotates. We will take your old air end and rebuild it for the next customer. That is how we keep our costs down.