Rental Equipment

With over 120 used air compressors and dryers at our disposal the opportunities for equipment rentals are numerous. We can offer you a 300hp Gardner Denver stationary compressor, or a 5 hp Eagle vertical tank mounted unit; or if you prefer we have a considerable number of portable compressors. We can offer you portables starting with a 50UD Sullivan-Palatek or the larger CD210. We have more makes and models than we can list here.

We also have a full range of air dryers both refrigerated and regenerative machines with blowers or without. We have dryers from small instrument units or as large as 4000cfm .We have the equipment you need on site and often ready to go. We have an acre of equipment to choose from. Call us for daily, weekly or monthly rates.

We need the following information to fit a compressor or dryer to your application. How many CFM do you need? Do you have electrical service? If you do what voltage do you require. What will you use the equipment for? Do you need dry air? What type of air connection do you require.

Some minimum rental terms apply.

Air dryers

Shown here are just a small number of dryers we can make available for rental.

We presemtly have the following air dryers opertional and ready to rent:-

3 1600 CFM Sullair regenerative dryers

2 1000 CFM sullair regenerative dryers

1 450 cfm regenerative dryer

3 300 CFM air dryers

These units include after coolers.


Shown here are 5 of our rental portables. There are others as well please call to enquire about entire fleet.

We have an acre of stationary rotary screw & reciprocating compressors we can offer you on a rental basis. Shown here are a few examples of the types of machines we offer.