• Airex SL-46 Synthetic – proven to offer +25,000 hours of service life.
  • SH-46 Base stock synthetics to match all others on the market.
  • Food grade synthetics FG200 & FG300
  • Synthetic gear lubricants SH-7220
  • Synthetic heat transfer fluid
  • Partial synthetic’s DSL100
  • Varnasolve devarnishing agent.

Summit Supra ® and Supra Coolant have been formulated to address the specific problems associated with conventional rotary screw compressor coolants: thermal degradation and deposit formation. The polyglycol/ester blend provide superior performance in the areas of oxidation resistance and deposit formation.

Supra 32 and Supra Coolant eliminate the varnish, sludge and frequent lubricant changes associated with hydrocarbon oils.

Airex’s SL-46 lubricant is manufactured from the highest quality synthetic hydrocarbon base-stocks and advanced additive technology. SL-46 lubricant is recommended for rotary screw, compressors and offers many advantages over petroleum-based lubricants as well as some synthetics – especially where compatibility is an important concern. The SL46 lubricant has low pour points, high viscosity indexes and excellent water demulsibility. Many of our customers enjoy long term performance benifits from this oil.  Enviromental advantages, less waste oil, lower energy consumption, =lower carbon foot print. Lower operating costs & less maintenance.


  • Sublime descaler for all metals except aluminum, certain aluminum alloys, zinc and alloys of magnesium.
  • Alimex descaler for aluminum applications.
  • Morcon-10 cement/concrete remover
  • Sum-clean all-purpose degreaser and the new and more powerful xtra-clean

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