Service Department

Air dryer maintenance

At Airex we have all the filters, the dessicant, the equipment and the know how to repair your dryer. We can come to your operation and perform complete maintenance on your equipment so that it works properly. Saving you money and keeping your air equipment running efficiently. When it comes to dryers we know our stuff. Like all the other work at Airex it’s guaranteed.

Rebuild your air end or provide basic maintenance

At Airex we rebuild and repair reciprocating and rotary screw compressors. If required we rebuild the air ends from the ground up. New bearings, checking journal tolerances on shafts, which are rebuilt and re-machined where required, refitting bores and replacing seals. All the parts are replaced with components of equivalent, or better quality to the OEM manufacturer. We may even suggest updated features. New bearings seals and gaskets all are part of an Airex rebuild. When we are done repairing your equipment it will be done right and we guarantee it.

Perhaps all your compressor needs is good basic maintenance our fully qualified staff can maintain your compressor, portable or stationary on site or in our shop. We maintain all makes and models of compressors & dryers. Good maintenance can reduces down time to a minimum.

We have the equipment, the parts, the right lubricants and the know how, all right here at Airex.